Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New class schedule, new work schedule...

So my school's class schedule is changing. Class is at 6:15 now, so I backed up my hours at work to give me time to get to the gym.
I missed class Monday because of a sore throat/stuffy head and it feels like it's been weeks since class. Funny, when I first started, going once a week seemed insanely frequent. To make matters worse, my diet seemed to go into the toilet along with my not going to class. Quantity wise I'm fine, but quality is in the toilet. I'm getting a bit back on track though...I experimented with a brown rice and mushroom casserole tonight that I'll adapt to quinoa later.
I FINALLY broke down and bought the iron gym and I'm liking it so far. Pull-muscles are getting a good workout:)


Suz said...

Dear Ms. Megan:

Thanks so much for sharing your novice’s journey into/thru/at times beyond BJJ. As a decidedly more wishy-washy/part-time BJJ newbie and fellow amazonian nerdwench past a certain age (& then some), I find your story, perspective, and commentary of particular interest and inspiration. I especially appreciate your thoughtful reflection on the ebb & flow of your own confidence (however nuanced) as a woman entering such a testosterone-saturated environment; your internal process as you craft your own meaning/joy from this new activity; and your impressive discipline in making this game YOURS. You go, girl!

I will look forward to reading further installments— and (in part thanks to you) will be reflecting a bit more thoughtfully on my own haphazard process/progress… be it in the domain of this nutty new pastime of mine, or in other of my life’s pursuits.

Gracias Otra Vez, y Blessings!

Megan said...

Hi Suz!

Thanks so much for reading and such a thoughtful comment.

How long have you been training? The challenges to your self-confidence are probably the hardest part of the sport, but I really think that's where the greatest rewards come from.

Suz said...

You are quite welcome, Ms. M. Re my own training: I am about as green as one could be. Been goin more or less twice weekly to BJJ classes for about 2 months now: half of which sessions have been for self defense techniques and “Ginastica Natural” (a sort of JJ-inspired yoga/pilates/calisthenics combo devised by BJJ black belt Alvaro Romano, if you haven’t yet encountered this regimen— I rather like it).

I play with a very cozy clutch of mostly newbie ladies (anyway, as far as JJ experience is concerned)-- yes, women’s classes. Until very recently I have felt somewhat “blocked”-- as in psychologically-- from joining the mostly men’s “all levels” JJ sessions at other times; although I have gotten nothing but relaxed, friendly & respectful vibes from the guys I’ve met who attend those. And the other mujeres in my groups are quickly catching the BJJ bug. They have been adding/alternating sessions during those other classes— and as a result have been showing rapid & impressive gains.

So as my own confidence slowly creeps forward, inhibitions fade, competitive streak kicks in-- and my own erratic schedule occasionally dictates; I have myself become more comfortable with the prospect of mixing it up with the doods. They generally have at the very least a year’s experience in their own JJ training. I am quickly learning the benefits of training with others who are further along in their own JJ experience; each of whom brings his/her own thang to the mat as a partner/competitor/student/and even mentor-teacher in his or her own right.

I am a little surprised at just how much I enjoy the intensely interactive dynamics of this sport. This has been a wholly new experience for me, someone who spent a lot of time in school-based team sports as a teenager, and did my fair share of aerobics classes/other exercise videos since then… but never played sports at such dramatically close proximity with others as in the grappling arts. Neither have I ever seriously pursued partnered dancing, as you have done and describe so well. Can you say “same planet, different worlds”?! And I have even worked as a Labor & Delivery nurse for more than a few years-- still a radically different way/flow of closely interacting with another!

This is a flavor of activity for which I lacked the necessary wherewithal (yes, “self-confidence”) to engage in as a young’n— most certainly in the case of rolling with males. Now, however: not only am I capable of “tolerating” such up-close physicality as a person who has grown more comfortable with both myself and others (male and female); but I specifically appreciate and seek out such dynamics as one who has a particular interest in pursuing my own deeper & more deliberate “mind-body” integration. It occurs to me that BJJ is an excellent fit for this.

How ironic… that in order for me to take on this stimulating and nurturing challenge to my own self confidence, I had to experience some prior, and substantial boost to my self confidence to begin with… Dag! Can’t help but wonder: how many other women/girls experience this same conundrum… sports-averse men/boys… insecure/threatened/ otherwise marginalized folk in general-- ?

(P.S. Apologies! for carryin on so impolitely all over your page—I am pretty green at this blogging stuff, too… !)