Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Morning class and thoughts on weight

My flight got in late from a super-fun family reunion last night. OK...super-fun except for New York. Connecticut was great. NYC? Notsomuch. Maybe it's an introvert thing, but all that energy, hustle and bustle just hit me as chaos and stress. I'm still on edge. Even more proof that I'm not a big-city person.

Anyway, I took today off to recuperate, and decided to check out the morning class. It was all quiet an peaceful...very snuggly and helped wash the craziness off me. I got to spend some time going through everything I'd picked out for the test and got feedback on what I'd chosen to test on. Ever since doing two classes in one night, going to class once in a day no longer feels like enough. I didn't fall head-long into BJJ addiction, but I think it might be sneaking up on me. 

Today's class really got me thinking about the learning style thing again. One of the higher belts was showing me a baseball choke and was kidding with me over how many notes I was making. The kick boxing coach (purple belt) came over and said he does the same thing. At first I thought all my notation came from unfamiliarity with...well...everything BJJ related, but I'm thinking it has more to do with how people retain information/concepts. I've seen some training partners say the steps of a move as they review it, others need to watch it multiple times...me, it helps me to write it down, even if it's after class. I've been using FreeMind's mapping software and while it seemed like overkill at first, I'm finding that the cloud/tree structure makes it much easier for me to organize the concepts, problems and details that I run across, while also giving me the flexibility to make changes as I learn. 

I chose that picture of Kate Winslet because her "once a fat kid, always a fat kid" quote really stuck with me.  BJJ has given me another tool for combating whatever tricks my mind is playing on me regarding my size. Being female and having healthy weight ranges solidly past the 200lb mark can be a serious mind trip sometimes. Even if I know I'm healthy, I can still feel overweight. Thankfully though, even when my body doesn't seem "pretty", it definitely always feels useful and powerful now

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