Monday, August 30, 2010

That kinda stung.

Tonight was a good night overall.

Only one icky point. I'd just finished the first round of sparring with a really strong blue and was really not feeling like too rough a fight, so I asked one of the white belt girls if she wanted to roll...we joke and kid a lot, so what she said next kinda threw me off guard. " kinda scare me". What? I...scare? "Really? You can just work submissions." " thanks." 

I already think I have a touch of a giant complex (having a kid bust his knee after sweeping me last week didn't help much...thankfully he's up and hopping again) and I think that cemented it just a bit more. We've sparred maybe twice before...I let her start with me in her guard or mounted. When I think back on it, she had a hard time even locking her guard and kimuras were way difficult for her. She could barely touch her wrist when sitting up. When I think about it though, her sparring/drilling with me would be like me taking on someone 7' and 360lbs. Kinda monstrous. 

One of the other smaller ladies though made a very good point a few classes back. The three of us were working positions and she mentioned that for them, drilling and sparring with me was a good way to warm up to the larger guys. But, everybody's there for different reasons and not everybody's comfortable rolling with big people.

On the personal health side, I'm feeling pretty much back to normal...normal in that I'm starting to make gains again. My kimura is starting to feel solid on both sides and a blue belt told me he has to try harder when sparring with me. Progress=good.

I do NOT feel like my protein shake tonight...

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A.D. McClish said...

Don't let it bother you to much. She may have other reasons for not grappling you that she isn't comfortable saying. Clearly, you aren't a bully. She'll come around. ;)