Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Diagnosis and Treatment

My last private, I arrived a little early and went a couple rounds before the lesson. When we got started, WrestlerInstructor asked what I had in my notebook to work on, and after I told him, he added two things he noticed I was having issues with.

Posting was #1. I just...don't do it. I fall. No idea why. We did a few rounds starting in a 50/50 position that would require me to post on my hand (not on my elbow as I so love to do) and I have to say, it helped get me comfortable with the habit. Tonight I was posting all over the place!

AND...the triangle from the mount we covered worked BEAUTIFULLY. I really love it. It just feels right. The blue belt I tried it on finished our roll and said "that was your best roll yet" and complimented me specifically on the triangle.

Tee hee, man...tee hee.


Deborah Clem said...

Oh lord, another tall person who will triangle us all and play an unpassable open guard. Greeeeaaat...;)

A.D. McClish said...

Haha, awesome!! I love private lessons.

Georgette said...

Oh goodie! Another tall lanky person who can't finish me in a triangle because I'm so small.. whose open guard will be step-overable, step-throughable, run-aroundable...

well that's the hope anyway!

Merry Christmas all!

Megan said...

@Dagney...We'll see about "unpassable". It'll get there eventually.

@A.D....they're great. I think I started at a very good time for me (a year in). I'd do one every week if I had the time., I don't know about lanky. Finishing triangles is definitely going on the goal list for this year though:) Merry Christmas!