Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back back, forth and forth like...I'm totally one of those people who takes FOREVER to warm up to people. It's not because I'm scared to trust, I really think it's more of a question of "why?" I chalk that 100% up to my being an INTJ. If you don't know what Myers Briggs is or have never tested, check it out. I really believe that if we all knew our type, life would be a lot easier.

In the last month, I've gotten quite a bit of interpersonal feedback that's really made me happy. I've had two people come out and tell me they felt like we were getting closer (and I agreed...rare for me since I seem to be somewhat prone to people feeling connected to me before I feel even somewhat close to them), another tell me I'm a nice person (considering I'm a 6' tall Black woman that doesn't smile a lot, "nice" isn't something I hear a lot), that I have "balls of steel" (I love JazzHands) and had an hour and a half conversation after class with another lady about all the difficulties of training and adjusting to the environment. My breathing may have gone to pot, but it was definitely a good month.

I'm actually starting to miss some of the teenagers. Since school started back up in August, they've been showing up less frequently...which I figured would happen. Their honesty and playfulness was always refreshing.

I really want to go into 2011 taking a couple of ancillary, yet important things about jiu jitsu more seriously. I think I have a good plan for actually learning the game in a way that works for me, but I've neglected my flexibility and respiratory endurance. There are SO many simple exercises I could be doing at home and in my office...they'd even improve my work day...I just haven't been. I'm going to amp things up after I'm done working on all this Chinese New Year stuff. just hit me that in a year of blogging, I have not once...not one time, put up any of my favorite band's music. it is. Also relevant to the journey.


leslie said...

I'm also INTJ. Also takes me forever to get comfortable around people. Then I have a period where I'm comfortable and normal and talkative... and then I get so comfortable that I lapse back in to silence, and then things get awkward, and then I have to start all over. Meh.

Megan said...

Yeeaaahhh...the fact that I'm comfortable with silence and other people aren't tends to make me uncomfortable.

Deborah Clem said...

I have one true true true friend, well, besides my husband. We are both introverts, to the point that our friendship lives in a state of quiet most of the time, because neither of feels the need to be on the phone and all up in each other's business every moment of everyday.

I have actually ended good acquaintances with a couple of women due to their assumed right to details of my private life. When I declined to share with them, 7th grade drama ensued. Sorry ladies, my threshold for unnecessary snipping is low.

Megan said...

I'll never get that about some female bonding...knowing facts/details doesn't equate to intimacy...and volunteering personal info does not then mean you're entitled to reciprocity.