Thursday, June 2, 2011

I suck at new levels.

I've felt like I suck before, but tonight, I was able to feel inferior while doing NOTHING. I have half a mind to pat myself on the back for accomplishing such a feat of self-deprecation.

I went to the no-gi class despite my distaste for the slippery-art and my turfed-toe. I told myself "Self, we're gonna go to class, not run, do drills from the bottom, pushups from the knees and we will NOT train. We will not." So what'd I do? I trained. I was pleased to find that I made it through with no problems at all, save getting stuck in guard because of my limited passing options. Afterward, I was playing with one of the babies as competition class was starting when the head instructor looked at me and asked "what are you waiting for?" I went and put on my snazzy new Vulkan (which I and entered the mats just as the drills were ending. Then I heard it..."Against the wall!". Crap. Judo. Judo makes me feel like a fumbling basket of uncoordination.

I know it's useful. I know it's important. I just canNOT get into it. So I made it through a few runs up and down the mats, fumbling and stumbling, pleased that I was at least able to get grips right. We started taking the throws all the way to the floor, so I sat out the rest of class. I was cool for a bit, but I felt so silly. I was sitting next to the instructors wife  and told her how it was bothering me how I couldn't train. She replied that it was good that I came and got something in instead of just sitting at home. Still felt crappy. Talked to the lady pro fighter who was also nursing wounds. Still felt crappy.

Tomorrow's non-competition class should help me get back to a normal state of ego. Oh...and I'm starting to understand Portuguese. 


Marketta Parker said...

Yea!!! I'm glad that you are starting to understand Portuguese.

Zen Mojo said...

I read this through twice looking for some description of epic suckage and all I found was a recounting of a good night training with limitations and surviving pretty well. I feel cheated. I want my money back.

Remember, a bad night training jiu jitsu is better than a good night sitting on the couch (or whatever it is normal people do) ;-)

Megan said...

Lol@ Marketta...that honestly made my night, especially since I haven't been trying.

Sorry to disappoint Zen;) I think just sitting and watching the class, knowing I'd have been completely lost weighed on me. I was pretty much the lowest belt there and the stuff the speed at which they were picking up moves was nuts. Love the couch quote btw.

Georgette said...

Ditto what Zen said! The speed at which you see them pick things up is directly related to how many times they have trained those, or similar, movements before.

Shark Girl said...

Yeah, I saw no suckage, either. Are you sure you know what that word means?