Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do you shower too hard?

I was going to ask if you shower too much, but considering I shower both too frequently and too aggressively, I decided to change the title.

Two weeks of not training is enough time to feel like your life has reset to pre-training status. Long story short, I feel fat and clean. Amazing, since I've only been showering twice a day recently. So no gym contact along with a case of some very uncool mat-nasty has me reexamining my showering practices.

A Dornbracht shower. Ain't it purdy?

So I'm going to roll with The Part Time Grappler's theme of skin care. I ran across this article on showering frequency and, not surprisingly, those of us on the North American continent spend WAY too much time getting clean. What DID surprise me though, is the recommendation that medical personnel not shower immediately before a procedure since washing with non-antibacterial soap just disturbs colonies of skin-critters as opposed to getting rid of them. It also recommended against the "Japanese" exfoliating rag I've been using for...years now. I love the thing. I even got my brother one because where he lives in Japan (strangely, where nobody had heard of said rag), towels and washcloths go funky overnight and this thing holds almost no water. Apparently, I'm doing my skin more harm than good by shredding off the upper layer twice a day. Dah well. Back to the washing board.


Jiujitsunista said...

This may seem random, but it is semi-related. I do not know what Japanese rag you are talking about, a few years ago my son was prescribed a medication lotion. My doctor told me anytime I need to use a cream or lotion you want your body to absorb, you should exfoliate really well before you apply it. He said, "Medication, cellulite cream... ...anything." ... Thanks doc... Are you trying to tell me something here?!...

Interesting about the non showering before a medical procedure though. It makes sense when you explained it, but it seems wrong.

Megan said...

Lol@Cellulite cream...did he really?? I've actually noticed that for my face but kind of ignored it for body. Thanks!

Deborah Clem said...

I use a "scrubby" made out of plastic netting. And for soap I switch back and forth between "SebaMed," which has a low PH and is not to harsh on the skin, and Neutrogena Rain Bath, which is also very mild.