Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting serious about injury prevention

I've been into Scott Sonnon's stuff since I first started BJJ and somehow, I've just discovered his blog. His most recent reflections on what kind of student he's been is a beautiful look back on a person's attitude during the training process.

And on that note, I've added the IntuFlow routine (first two levels available free on YouTube) to my morning routine. I already do FlowFit and occasional stuff from the Grappler's Toolbox. I think I latched onto it because he was the only person online I've seen to really address the movement and risks of grappling on such a holistic level--and being a total noob to the world, I need(ed) some major hand holding just to get through the door.

It's gotten easier, but just like FlowFit, I was HORRIBLE at it at first...and surprised at how crackly all my joints were. I need to stick with this though. As I'm progressing into BJJ, I'm accepting just how much the little injuries accumulate, and I want to be proactive about preventing them and keeping my joints as healthy as possible.


slideyfoot said...

I tend to be put off people if they have a bad rep, even if some of their stuff is pretty good. Sonnon has a lot of detractors.

Then again, if it's been working for you, perhaps I should give him another look.

Megan said...

I gotta admit, I'd be pretty disappointed if he were actually a fraud or if he made up credentials. I've gotten good results and a lot of what he preaches is very applicable to I said, I think it works, but it'd be a shame if that stuff were true.

dee said...

Hey! I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog and the whole bjj community thats formed from blogging..esp the girls! so nice to read about the same struggles im going through as well! your blog along with some others has inspired me to start my own! thanks for blogging and am looking forward to all your future posts! :)

Megan said...

Thanks Dee! Can't wait to see what you put up in the future either:)

Reese said...

Ugh yeah, I'm just discovering how fast those tiny little injuries which, on their own, don't seem like much, pile up and become one hell of a pained body. No serious trauma for me yet, just the bruises and aches and blisters and popping joints, but I'm afraid I'm going to realize at some point that everything's about to fall apart. I can't stop though, I'm addicted!