Thursday, March 15, 2012

So I did my 5th no gi class tonight.

"Megan's doing the no-gi class!" 

Yes. I've made it to blue belt with only 5 classes of no gi. Since day 1, it's just never called to me, but last class, Parrumpa mentioned that stepping up your no-gi game could be beneficial, so I bit the slippery bullet. I needed a third class a week and I guess this is gonna be it. (+10 for it being followed up by the advanced gi class).

We worked taking the back, which is always good for me, since I usually just jump on somebody's back like a cat on a can of tuna when I see it open...well...slower than that, but you get what I mean. We've covered this in gi, and it was honestly my...third or fourth time doing it in class, but it was one of those repeats that helped finer details sink in. I know people hate repeating techniques, but I honestly love it. Helps me understand. We also did an "up down" drill that transitions into an RNC (with a tip on not getting your arm snatched away and controlled in the process...helpful-tastic). This time, I got a much better feel for controlling my weight and balance throughout the process of rolling someone on their side and I've also decided to cross my legs on the bottom leg before going for the full back. KickboxerInstructor had mentioned this before, but it finally sank in tonight.

I failed miserably in defending a triangle tonight...and it just hit me, just this second, that I did because I was thinking of defending an armbar. I even called it an armbar. Why? I guess I left all my defense-sense in my gi.

What hasn't sunk in? I STILL settle for bottom half and side control too easily. I know it's important that I learn how to navigate down there, but it's like my mind shuts down. Must drill tomorrow.


Liam H Wandi said...

I had to do that for about a year (combine gi and no gi) due to work hours. I had a system too :)

When we rolled in gi, I always pulled guard and when we rolled no gi I always tried to pass. No particular reason, it just gave me a theme to work with :)

It sounds like you enjoyed it.

Megan said...

Interesting...did you see any changes because of the "system"?

A.D. McClish said...

We only have gi classes at my gym, so when I am gearing up for a tournament where I will have to fight no-gi, I try not to use any gi grips and instead grip body parts. I like training both. No gi seems to be so much slipperier and faster!

Megan said...

Oh wow you find that transition difficult?

Reese said...

Aah see I'm the exact opposite. For my first 6 weeks I did ONLY no-gi, then started doing gi once every other week but the rest of the time (4-6 days a week) I was doing only no-gi. For a while, I was really resisting any sort of change because 1) I like rolling in my MMA shorts and under armour t-shirts and 2) gis are freakin expensive and bulky to carry around. Now though I've kind of balanced out, doing gi 2-3 times a week and no-gi 3 times a week. I'm very much enjoying this new balance.

Megan said...

I have to admit...the "lightness" of no-gi after doing gi for a while really is nice. I still just feel nasty afterward, but I think I'll get used to that and to thinking of connecting with my opponent's body least I hope I will.

Reese said...

LOL feeling nasty is part of the fun. The worse I look and smell, the better I know my workout was :o)