Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Queen Moment and SEO

So I just finished 2 hours of SEO work for GiFreak. While getting the site up and running has been 9 months of brutality, this marketing deal is even worse. I at least had a vision for the site, now, all of a sudden, I have to spread the word of my vision to a growing but pretty disparate niche. I can't say I learned much in school about internet marketing...well...I did in undergrad, but the Internet being what it is, none of that is even slightly pertinent anymore.

Speaking of time drains, I'm also TOTALLY behind on reviewing the Bigger Stronger series for Stephan over at Grapplearts. Like I said when I first got it though, I like to take my time and focusing just on grip fighting for a month (or three) has been a big help in getting my mind to pay continual attention to grips. I've gotten compliments from JazzHands and KimonoMaster on my stripping. Making grips? Still working on that one. Speaking of Grapplearts stuff, check out this majorly cool shirt!

I love gray and silver. 

So Monday, Parrumpa was teaching a technique and just as he was talking about pressure, this song came on...

Being the Queen lover I am, it took everything in me not to start wailing along with Freddie. Instead, I turned quickly to JazzHands, nodding happily in music-induced glee at the relevance of the track. I think he just thought I liked the technique though.

Great. Now I'm stuck in a Queen YouTube loop. 


Mrs. Ibarra said...

Nice job on GiFreak. Looking forward to sending you some reviews myself. Love the t-shirt, you are looking fatastic in it! Have a great day!! :)

Megan said...

Thanks! Glad to have you on the site:)

Georgette said...

I'm way behind on reviews too. Including Bigger, Stronger! Gah!