Thursday, October 11, 2012

Asking for a beatdown...

In my supreme excitement over Metamoris this weekend, I've been listening to mounds of podcasts. I'm going to officially claim Ryron as my favorite Gracie, since his "keep it playful" philosophy of training really resonates with me. Well, on an episode out of the UK I heard today, he made mention that your time at White and Blue belt should be spent learning to defend. My heart sank. My defense offends me.

Friday I was partnered with Wuzzup for my first roll, and I asked him a favor.

"I need a favor. If I have to tap 16 times, I have to tap 16 times."
"So go HAM?"
"...maybe HAM-light"

That last bit of reservation on my part...I think threw a wrench into my plans. He went harder than normal, and commented that I'd gotten stronger, but honestly, I wouldn't guess he was going at more than 50% intensity. ...not that I wanted 100%, but this is a man who rolls regularly with Jeff Monson, so I know he's got HAM to spare.

I feel even more lost in how to guide a few of the guys to go harder. Some (especially the new blues) go for broke. The guys I came up with seem to have a harder problem...which does make sense, but is still something I'd like to get past. 


Unknown said...

Hysterical..!!! "Ham to spare" You really dig reyron????

That dude was ass against galvao.. I love his breakdowns tho....


Love your articles
~MATUA blue belt lloyd irvin

Megan said...

I do...maybe it's just the contrast to Renner, but I like his approach and philosophy, even with the marketing and bias.