Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Best of 2012

King of the Hill, Shark Tank...I don't know what it's called, but I like it.

We worked it last night from deep half. The class was split at the 160lb mark, so I went with the big boys. About 10 min in, my side had passed 2 people while the smaller folk were working into their third rotation...GinasticaInstructor was dominating. So after about 15 min, I assume to get things moving more evenly, Parrumpa broke us up and I went with some of the smaller folk.

After doing one round with the heavyweights the contrast of rolling with a woman 80lbs lighter than me was painfully stark, and starkly telling. I've gotten much better at flipping the strength switch (though I might need to people who actually train with me about that) and have learned to calm myself more even with the stronger guys. I'm more comfortable taking top position and not just letting smaller people get away with things I'd fight a bigger person for...without squashing.

So yes...2012...it was a rough year for me, multiple family deaths, stressful projects at work, friends moving away...I'm still feeling the weight of a generally dark year. Seeing the Christmas decorations finally up in my house was the first time I've felt some brightness in a while. That said, some really cool BJJ stuff happened this year.

New gym-...and it's getting newer! Crossfit kicked off this Saturday and the new, ultra-big mat area is just around the corner.

KickboxerInstructor's Brown Belt Exam-Honestly, it was a thing of beauty. 150 techniques and absolutely flawless.

Launching GiFreak.com-Tiring, exhilarating and still testing me. I still get warm fuzzies playing with the search functions.

Starting ginastica natural-scary and painful and still sometimes scary, but the elemental nature of movement that it addresses is something I'm beyond glad to have supplementing my training. It's definitely something I want to keep up in the long term.

Feeling like a blue belt-It's odd...I feel more ignorant than ever, but I feel like an actual blue belt. not sure when it happened, but it happened.

Feeling like I belong in the advanced class-Kinda goes with the statement above, but what cemented it was being asked to roll more frequently by higher belts, and also not feeling overwhelmed when more than 2 techniques were presented in one class.

Ladybug getting hurt and Fiona falling off-bittersweet. They haven't been around in months. They're both planning on coming back when it works out better for them, but end of day, the two ladies I came up with are gone. Sad, but it's forced me to find the initial, internal motivation I had when I first started.

I think 2013 is going to be a pretty awesome year.


gracefullysony said...

Glad you had a great BJJ year - but I hadn't heard about GiFreak.. I think it's one of the coolest BJJ things around because I can never find a new gi that fits. Love it!!

Megan said...

Thanks! It's still a work in progress, but I hope it will be helpful!