Friday, October 11, 2013

21 Days: Day 8-Womanly Bonding

The idea that women all play the frenemies game is a nasty stereotype that I wish would go away (though I know it's true in many situations). Training BJJ has given me moments of bonding with other women of different backgrounds that, aside from some friends and family I've grown up with, I just wouldn't expect as an adult.

Just tonight, we sat between rounds, discussing how to deal with male moodiness (I swear men have hormonal cycles too), endurance in relationships and crazy family members. We've talked coping with periods while training, careers that haven't worked out, weight gain and ticking biological clocks.

And honestly, this isn't limited to real life. The women bloggers I've connected with have gifted me with some amazing conversations and much needed support in this world of BJJ. We're all incredibly different, but the connection happens regardless of demographic.

2 comments: said...

I'm so thankful that BJJ has brought us together - and specifically, BJJ blogging brought us together. I've had such a great time bonding with you online. I really hope we'll some day get to meet and roll in person!

Megan said...

Oh we will:) Once I get out of my non-traveling funk, I have to get back to Asia and totally have to hit up Korea!