Thursday, April 1, 2010

Release the Kraken (Best Chic-fil-a lemonade...EVER)

I'm sorry, but this stuff is amazing and I needed to share. Oh...and Clash of the Titans is out tomorrow. My life will be complete.
BJJ has given me a new appreciation of showers. I used to be of the utilitarian school of're there to get clean and groom...none of that singing/hanging out stuff. Now, they're like a fine wine...meant to be sipped slowly and savored. Best served with anti-bacterial soap.
We were back on the adaptation of over/under from butterfly guard. I had a horrible time getting around the inside knee, but as usual, it was because I was ignoring the fact that I have to actually CONTROL my opponent, not just avoid them. Need to go re-read the Art of War, I do. Details I was missing:
1) Flare the elbow that's under so the leg has less of a chance of replacing.
2) Don't flare the elbow that's kimura. Keep it tight.
3) Pinch the legs together and move your body around the knee.
4) Lean into his body and turn inward while pulling his lower body up a bit (makes the knee easier to clear).
I worked with a blue belt that helped me out a lot with it. He also used me to test out a theory he apparently had on getting around hooks that were especially tight. I was able to get around them by moving my knee forward (negating the hook), then whipping my leg out and around.
Second round, I was up against the same purple belt that reminded me to replace my guard last class. This time, he brought up a great point. He was setting up one of the 86716875697853 chokes he seems to know (I think he choked me with my own ankle tonight) and I was busy trying to defend it. He said I should have also been concentrating on escaping my hips. Rolling with him, I also realized the importance of adjusting. Not everything comes with one, quick, perfect movement. Sometimes you have to work to get where you want to go.
Next, I rolled with the same blue belt I'd drilled with. He showed me a pass for open guard...which I need, because every higher belt I roll with seems to go straight for that or butterfly right out of the gate. I was already pinning the leg, but was getting swept left and right. Turns out needed to get my other leg inside so it's free to move, pinned the leg, switched my hips backward/to the side, brought my other leg around behind me and gotten into side control.
Ooo...third round, I got a chance to try out the push-pull theory I read about in Mastering Jiu Jitsu. Basically, if someone is pushing you, you pull them. If they pull, you push. Worked quite well, even though it took me a couple tries to get the timing right.
I think I'm starting to adjust to the group. I left after changing, and wished I'd have hung around a bit after class tonight, but I'm just starting to lose the feeling that I immediately need to crawl home and lick my wounds after class.



A.D. McClish said...

I am trying to get that push-pull timing down better as well. Especially with sweeps and moving out from under people. Good post!

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