Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jiujitsu Confusion

Yet another BJJ conversation with family...this time, my cousin who probably gets more BJJ talk than she can handle.

Larry (Me): Know what's a cool name? Agamemnon. My new favorite purple belt's named Agamemnon.
Balki: You're only do you have a belt named Agamemnon, but multiple purple belts. 
Larry: ...Agamemnon is a guy at WooJitsu...and I don't name my belts, BJJ or otherwise. 
Balki: Ooohhhh...that changes EVERYTHING. 

Open mat was so fun. I'm always so scared. The big kids still intimidate me a bit, even if they are really cool. I tried some variations in difficulty on armbar drills...difficult. Got some nice comments on my new Padilla and Sons gi too, which I've managed to shrink quite well. The top's probably down to an A3 after some washing and drying (thanks Georgette). The night's music was a 70's/80's mix of Earth Wind and Fire, Go West and Lionel Richie. I gotta admit, "King of Wishful Thinking" does suck a bit of the aggression out of you and forces you to relax. I was being choked and was still humming along. Love that song. Peppiest breakup song ever.

And yes, we do refer to each other as "Balki" and "Larry". 


Georgette said...

I love how we develop this understanding of the esoteric language of jits... just like any other specialization, we have lingo that gets a little deep. And have you noticed how you can have a conversation about something with a training partner while sitting in a totally intimate position? or touching their body very familiarly? and it seems like no big deal?? I stopped to analyze something in the middle of a double-under pass the other day and realized like 4 minutes later that I'd been sitting there with my face between their legs, thighs hooked over my shoulders, and we acted like we were sitting at a kitchen table chatting away! lol...

Megan said...

Yes...I'm JUST getting to that point where I don't even notice when face is deep up in somebody's groin. It actually just hit me yesterday that my discomfort (though it was slight) has completely worn off when having a guy in my guard. It used to be a tad uncomfortable if I paused there, but now it's like you said...sitting at a kitchen table.

slideyfoot said...

Rather strangely, Go West are one of the few bands I've seen live in concert (I think it's just them, The Cure and Scissor Sisters). I'm not generally keen on concerts, but they happened to be playing at a free event in Coventry a few months back.

It was awesome!

Clearly my problem has been that most of the bands I like are either dead or don't tour anymore. ;)

Though I agree with Balki, wearing a purple belt called Agamemnon would be pretty damn cool. It would have to be one hell of a belt to be worthy of the name, though. ;p

A.D. McClish said...

"I gotta admit, "King of Wishful Thinking" does suck a bit of the aggression out of you and forces you to relax. I was being choked and was still humming along."

lol! That's awesome!

Megan said...

@slideyfoot...I'm in the same boat. I'd love to see Queen perform, but Mercury had passed before I even got into the music. Maybe I'll catch up with May one day. I didn't know Go West was still even out there...crazy.

slideyfoot said...

There are lots of 80s nostalgia tours around these days, which I'd probably enjoy. I should try and get along to one of them before they all disappear.