Friday, September 3, 2010


Stretching is so important. Normally I do 3, 10 min sessions throughout the day, then another at the gym. Well, I was lazy today, didn't stretch at work and half stretched at the gym. My sense of when to tap to a kimura was ALL thrown off. My partner said I was pre-tapping...and I was out of worry. I couldn't really feel when the joint had actually been stretched too far or if it were just cold and uncomfortable (even though that can lead to injury too). I've gotten used to my joints being able to make it to a certain point before tapping, and that point was way sooner last night, so I was caught off guard by the submission a lot. Getting too comfortable with anything can be dangerous. Lesson learned.

I've never been called a jerk before, but I guess there's a first time for everything.

I was drilling kimura sweeps with one of the less-new white belts when one of the instructors spotted a discoloration on his wrist and stopped us drilling to take a closer look.  

Me (laughing): Do you have critters? No, seriously. Do you? Cuz uh...I don't want them. 
Potentially contaminated white belt: "...What? Oh my gosh, you're a jerk! 

He explained that it was a burn (it really did look like one and not ringworm) as the instructor was laughing. It cracked me up...especially coming from a guy. I mean...I really can be a jerk with very little effort, but it's never been officially declared...this...month...

Tonight's open mat music was...not sure what it was. The beats sounded like North American R&B, but in Portuguese. I got some good rolls in tonight...two with a couple of blues from back when I first started, and another with a fellow green I've never rolled with. (I'm so thankful for the higher belts that ask me to spar.) The roll with the green was VERY educational. We're polar opposites. I'm the female in class that's larger than most of the males. He's the male that's smaller than most of the females. I seriously think I'm over 100lbs heavier than him. I've never rolled with a significantly smaller adult male. Getting a feel for his strength took me a while...I just didn't know what to expect. He was very fast and loves chokes. It took me what seemed like a solid minute to fight my way out of a gi choke, and as soon as I was free, he transitioned to another. 

The rounds with the blues were great ego boosts. Again, polar opposites. The first was with a shorter, very strong guy who's taught me a lot. He always gets me wrapped up in the weirdest holds. Afterward he told me there was a big difference between now and when he first sparred with me back when I started. Even though I do feel better when sparring now (I can't believe the feelings of ignorance are almost completely gone) I often wonder what my partners are experiencing. The next roll with the other blue was completely different. I always enjoy rolling with this guy because he's a bit lighter than me, but taller with the same long limbs, so I understand the things he does. I fought my way out of an armbar and after we were both back to our knees, he told me that I had "some serious toughness in me". Teehee:)

On the personal front, I noticed today that movement on the ground is enjoyable. Of course I still don't move anywhere near as well as I could, but it's not a burden anymore. Yays.

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