Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spiders are evil.

Seriously...they are.

So I've been limping around on my bum toe for two weeks now. After I got the all clear from the podiatrist to train with the qualification that I try to stay off my toes, I went to a private (that turned out to be a not-so-private since the MMA class ran long and there were like, 8 million people hanging around afterward) and aside from a couple of scary moments, it went fine.

Until that night. I don't know if they felt enlivened by the threat of the Rapture, but spiders have been out in full force lately. Last night, I needed some green onions from the garden and ventured outside, making sure to wipe a broom around the doorway to catch any crafty arachnids. Well, I must have missed a web and felt it brush my arm as I walked out. Remembering the HUGE spider I'd seen earlier in the day, I jumped back, planting on my injured foot. Great. There really may be an MRI in my future.


 In other's really time for me to stop kidding around about my diet. I went to lunch yesterday after training with a couple of the ladies and we got to talking about weight. The blue belt I started with mentioned the day she noticed that, after months of not being able to get me in closed guard, one day, all of a sudden, she closed it with no problem. Now, she's starting to have difficulty again. I've spent months in the mindset that I'm not going to go buck wild, but that I'm also not pushing too hard to eat right. Well, the toll has been taking and it's time to reevaluate.

I'm really enjoying flow rolling btw. It seems to do a lot for me in clearing out cobwebs and stalling to think. Definitely must do more.

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