Thursday, December 29, 2011

Branding in BJJ: Best Commercial

OK...there aren't a lot out there, but I was in the mood to watch some snippets of jiu jitsu set to uber-dramatic music, and I ended up here.

I've watched this a ton of times, but just realized that it essence...a commercial...and the best kind of commercial. The kind that gives something to its viewer while simultaneously making them aware of a product/brand/service.

I admire the branding over at BJJ Weekly in general because I have a bias toward simple, straight forward...anything really. Clean colors, subtle international appeal, well structured emails. It looks like they may be moving to a more high energy image (with an energetic blue and orange replacing the red and black), which would be a shame...but brands do need to be refreshed from time to time. I've just always appreciated the way their polished, sharp and subtly aggressive image contrasted with most of what you see across the board. 


slideyfoot said...

I've yet to see anything come close to the Jeff Glover half guard DVD trailer. Best BJJ advert yet, IMO.

Megan said...

Is that the one you mean? If so, it's an informative, straight forward commercial, but still very much a commercial. I can very much feel the fact that I'm being sold something.