Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Burpees with Bad Knees...any advice?

I'd like to get going on these for some cardio, but coming up out of that squat kills my knees. Any alternative ideas?


Reese said...

Unfortunately, my knees really suck and I myself am trying to figure out how to come home from the gym without having to ice the pain away every day!

Anonymous said...

I have a personal trainer I see as well as training BJJ and he gets me doing jump squats instead. If I can maintain the form (keeping my knee over the foot, not out to the sides) there are sometimes jump lunges. I absolutely hate burpees but luckily there's heaps of other exercises I can do to get the heart rate up :)

Megan said...

Reese...I came home from training yesterday and my knees burned the whole night. I almost had to take advil to get to sleep. That doesn't normally happen, but we did squats in the warmup, so I'm thinking that did it.

Anonymous...I think I'm going to start trying to do very shallow jump squats in well padded sneakers. Hopefully that will be a nice alternative. Lunges KILL me and I can hear the crackling the entire time. Makes me very antsy as I work through them.

Jerome said...

I have had reconstructive surgery on both knees and find that i have to cheat a little with my arms coming up from a burpee.

I also find that glusomine and chrondoium in the liquid form help alot. The pill form (more popular) does not have a high enough concentration and takes a long time to show results. I went from only being able to job slowly to hitting burpees and practicing BJJ and Muay Thai.


Jerome said...

Kendrick Miree from Americas Top Team will be fighting Dave Vitkay from my gym in Atlanta for King of The Ring in 2 weeks.