Sunday, July 17, 2011

Toe shoes, Sombo or tape?

Me and Bootsie at work. I've been wearing crackle nail polish to coordinate and make a statement about the state of my toe bones

***Update...I got the toe shoes and you can read about them here***

So I SHOULD be getting the all clear tomorrow to be rid of the boot () and go back to training. I'm getting a little (and by that I mean a lot) tired of taping my'm considering footwear.
I've heard good things about wrestling/sombo shoes, but then just had someone suggest those toe shoes that people have such a love/hate relationship with.

I'm really curious to see how my training has changed after some time off. Sure, I've been itchy, but I've always found breaks in the learning process to be a great way to take a step back, let your mind cement what it already has and to clarify direction. We'll see.


Patron said...

As the someone who recommended the toe shoes I endorse this Blog post! LoL

The sprints you have pictured here feature the smooth siped soles which will give great traction and leverage on the mat. As you can see in the picture the sole extends up to cover the sides of the foot near the toe area- this will provide some support, and the toe pockets will protect against skinning the tops of the toes. The rubber material of the sole extends up and over the tips of toes- this should provide "some support" to keep your toes from bending the wrong ways.

Shannon and i have been wearing Vibrams for over a year now. I ran the 10 mile Tough Mudder race in my Komodo Sports just a few weeks ago. If you have any questions about them PLEASE ask. I like helping folks out.

on a side note- You should definitely try a pair on before purchasing. Since your toes are going into those little pockets a good fit is a MUST. They run on a euro sizing scale so it can be tricky. It took me 2 pairs to get it "right".

I'd recommend dropping into an REI to try them on, then ordering from the online retailer i mentioned on JJF. I think I have adequately disproven whats-his-names statements that TravelCountry is not legit, and TC is reputable, and they offer better pricing than the foctory, and big box REI.


Megan said...

Lol...thanks for the suggestion. I've always wanted a pair and cracked toes aside, they seem comfortable to train in...though they look like they could be rough on other people's skin.

Manny said...

Do the Vibrams have toe support? They look as though they might just be for running?

Patron said...

Hi Manny- It really depends on your definition of "support". Are they better than barefoot? Yes. The rubber sole which extends under the toes will add some additional stiffness to your toes- not a ton of stiffness, but definitly some. the closed toes on the wrestling shoes which would encapsulate the area would definitely add more support, but they are also bulky and I think they would feel more clumsy when applying the closed guard.

I believe the Vibrams would fall somewhere in between barefoot, and the wrestling shoes as an option.

Are they steel toed work boots? No, but they are more supportive than just tape on bare feet.

Patron said...

So I wore my VFFs to a wrestling seminar to great effect. I have seen 2 other people wearing them in class now.

Megan said... I want a pair. It'd be nice to keep my feet from getting torn up.

Anonymous said...

I have been wearing sambo shoes for years at jujitsu class. Since I started wearing them, my toe injuries have decreased markedly. I love 'em! Note: these are not wrestling shoes.


5 Toe Shoes said...
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wrestling shoes said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Megan,

Thanks for this awesome tip! I had no idea these types of shoes existed. My toes are wrecked from Muay Thai and I've basically been unable to grapevine for ages. I always feel like wrestling boots are a bit extreme, but hopefully these will sort me out.

Thanks from London!