Thursday, February 2, 2012

I got my muppet feet!!

So I finally bought my Vibrams (a.k.a. "toe shoes" or "minimalist shoes"). they love me.

I could seriously live in them. I've never considered myself much of a barefoot kinda person, but I think I am deep down and just have a fear of the floor/ground. Like...I HATE being barefoot anywhere but freshly cleaned surfaces because I don't like things getting on my feet.

I'd put off buying them for almost a year now because of the cost...I don't know why, but I used to spend more on plastic and rubber on my feet when I was a broke-ish college student. Now though, it just seems silly. Between the cost and the universal admonitions that you HAVE to go in to a store to get fitted (I'm also anti-mall) it just wasn't happening. Well, I finally went to the site and lo and behold, they had a fitting video.

So I got my handy-dandy measuring tape, found my size (not what I would have guessed it would be) and got to ordering. They came today and I was beyond psyched. While I do love them, it's um, likely going to be a while before I can get them on quickly. I keep jamming two toes into one toe slot (which is mad uncomfortable), but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I love you khussa, but they seriously just may become my new work shoes.

I'm kinda now wishing I would have gotten a darker color, but I'll definitely be getting another pair.


Mrs. Ibarra said...

I believe this post has just helped tip the scales for me. I have also been on the fence about buying these. Again, just couldn't justify the cost. I am a barefoot person and I absolutely hate to wear shoes, especially athletic shoes of any kind...I sort of have wide, small feet...never seemed to be able to get a good fit. These just seem like the perfect fit. Thanks for posting! Keep us updated how they work out for you.

Megan said...

Hmm...I have narrow, large feet, but you can adjust them some, so you'd likely have room to play with.

Brendan said...

I actually have a pair of the Fila brand shoes like this and LOVE them. Wore them my entire vacation in St. John, VI. Very cool for BJJ as well if you rip open your feet.


Megan said...

Yeah...I first considered them when I hurt my foot...might look into another training pair if my feet take a beating again.

fenix said...

I have two pairs. First bought the KSOs. Very happy, wear them all the time (except at work and around horses).

When I started to do a bit of x-country running, I found the soles a touch too slippery and thin. I found a special on KSO sports and got those. Same shoe but a bit more grip and protection for the soles of the feet. Perfect for the job.

I love them. I also have fairly long narrow feet and lik going barefoot.

Both my pairs are black, so it looks like I have weird monkey feet :-) They have caused some laughs and some surprised looks, but I was also stopped by a little old lady in the street to tell me she loved the look of my shoes!

Anonymous said...

I have like six pairs of the vibrams I am obsessed with them. I have wide and short feet and they fit perfectly. I truly recommend them because they are extremely comfortable and worth every penny.