Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blue belt: Punching bag for purple belts...

Funny, Ladybug and I were just griping about getting mauled by purples and how frustrating it can be at the blue belt level. I saw this picture on Women Representing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's Facebook and it made me laugh. Translation below.

White: Still trying to figure out who he is.
Blue: Punching bag for purple belts.

Purple: Begin to learn to defend himself.

Brown: Begins to learn to atack.
Black: Begins to know what is Jiu-Jitsu.

I found it comforting, yes, precisely because I've been downright brutalized by a couple of purples lately. One roll in particular, I tapped...had to be 5 times in 1 minute.  My favorite full guard pass lead to my back getting taken viciously and all my defenses turned into neat and convenient submissions for aforementioned purple. 

I've read stuff like this since day one, but it was a nice reminder of how long and slow this road is. 


Georgette said...

Which dovetails nicely with Saulo's perspective in Jiu Jitsu University... also, with my instructor's comment that when he got his blackbelt, he realized he had to relearn everything from the beginning, and was really just a whitebelt. (And believe me, he is not one of "those" blackbelts.)

But somehow there always seem to be a handful of blues and purples at my gym that trounce browns. Godbleepit I wanna be that blue. :)

Megan said...

Seriously. I'd love to be a deadly blue, but I don't think that'll