Thursday, September 6, 2012

Business in BJJ: Branching Out

I heard on the radio today a stat that said 50 Cent made 3x in his deal with Vitamin Water than he has making music. Selling out or not, diversification can reap some pretty big rewards...not just financial, but in brand awareness, networking connections and business experience.

That's why when I saw that Combat Corner has been running tournaments, my first thought was that it was a great idea. Considering the fact that tournaments can easily devolve into fiery balls of confusion with frustrated, food-deprived athletes clawing at your coat tails, I give them props for keeping it up. If it works out though, I think it'll be a great deal for them. They'll have participants being exposed to your brand at the actual tournament, huge opportunities to create interactions with their products and winners listing their tournament name on their grappling resumes from here to eternity.

They've got some good marketing heads over there.

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