Monday, October 15, 2012

A blind man and my British pants

So I picked up a Zero G v2.0 men's last week (BJJHQ is a dangerous place). It's a light gi, but we only get like 3 days of cold in these parts anyway, so a lightweight gi is good year 'round.

One of my biggest gi peeves is pant removal after class (hence my distaste for flat drawstrings, which have left me desperately hopping around the locker room trying to get free of their death-grip). Even though I already own a Midas, these stood out as much more comfortable, mobile (roomy hips and thighs) and generally wearable. Yay:)

Tonight was hard in a good way. Four rounds and I was showing signs of waning by the second, but even that's improvement. Something struck me tonight though. I'm finally picking up moves holistically. Two demonstrations and I had tonight's techniques (well, all but the failed armbar to bow and arrow...that took a second). I want more speed, but that will come with more Ginastica...

...speaking of which, I had a roll tonight that I can only describe as intriguing. GinasticaInstructor decided to do a round with me with his eyes closed the entire time. It was another one of those moments where I had to remember to not stop and watch what he'd do after he got his grips set in and try to actually...defend. 


erika said...

What size did you get? I'm tall like you and I have a pretty extreme hourglass shape and a huge butt/hips so I'm always looking for better gi pants. If it wouldn't be a big imposition, could you tell me the width of whatever size you got across the widest part of the hips? And maybe the width of the top of the leg/thigh part too? As you can tell I am very excited about the "roomy hips and thighs" mention!

Megan said...

Hi Erika!

No imposition at all. They're 26" across according to Tatami's site. I love their size's not exact, but it recommends a size, then gives you the measurements.

That said, my waist-hip ratio isn't that extreme since I tend to carry weight in my torso, but hip-height definitely is considering most guys don't have wide hips or thighs, and tall frequently means lanky.

I'll measure the thighs when I get home tonight.

erika said...

Yes, I thought to look at the Tatami site after I left my comment and felt quite silly once I saw they listed the measurements. I wish more companies would do that -- I've emailed a few to suggest it. 26" sounds dreamy. (My current ones are 25" which is okay but 26" would be even better.) My waist is nearly 20" smaller than my hips (around the butt area). :( So I pull my gi pants up to basically my lower rib cage. Quite a fetching look.

Thank you in advance for the thigh measurements, I really appreciate it!

Megan said...

Don't you just love being "hard to fit"?

I just measured the A3 pants and they're 14.5" about 1" down from the crotch and taper to 12" at mid thigh...that's my mid thigh though and my femurs are long, even for my height. I'm proportioned like an anime character, and after mild shrinkage, the pants are clamdiggers.

Keep an eye out at I'm not sure how much flexibility they're going to have on actual fit, but they may be able to get something better suited to your body type.

If you do end up finding something that works, please shoot a comment over. Thanks!

slideyfoot said...

I've never had a problem with flat drawstrings, so it's interesting that quite a few people mention how they've had issues with them. I'm not sure why I haven't.