Saturday, December 8, 2012

Operation Tattered Belt: Knee on Belly

I'm focusing on only two escapes, each oriented in opposite directions. Saulo's running escape and Stephan Kesting's belt grip to sweep.

Kesting's has worked fine for me in the long as I can get my arm all the way under the controlling leg. I've been pretty stumped as to what to do when I can't get that or don't have any options in that direction. Saulo's fills in that space since, instead of staying connect and sweeping your opponent, you're, well, running.

I tried it twice this week--first time it was slow, but worked nicely. The second time, well, I was a bit too gung-ho and instead of rolling my legs out from under the knee, over my head and into full guard, I ended up facing the complete opposite direction a couple of times. Oops. After a couple of tries though, I smoothed the movement out and got more control.

In other bright news, while rolling with one of the smaller ladies, I realized that I've learned quite well how to negotiate my four favorite arm bar escapes depending on opponent. Hitchhiker is my absolute favorite, but pulling it off happens infrequently. Stacking only works when I catch enough momentum when an opponent sits back, and getting my elbow to the mat is only useful with someone who keeps a sloppy grip. I tried the first two since pulling the elbow requires a bit of strength and she had a solid grip. They both failed without muscling, so I brought my head up over her knee and came up into guard. Gone are the days when I would stop to think and decide which would be the best option. Quality. 


Anonymous said...

my FAVORITE KOB escape I actually got from a girl I went against at the atl open this year! It works like a charm. See video at end but essentially if they have KOB from your right side then your right arm pushes the foot between your legs and VOILA you're free. It seems to easy to be true but give it a go in class.

Megan said...

Nice video!!

I do like that escape, but I LOATHE bottom half. Mostly because I tend to get caught in cycles of loosing and regaining half. I've really come to like Saulo's running (rolling?) escape, but I'm having the same issue with that that I'm half with all the KOB escapes...higher belts take advantage of all of them. I'm kind of excited about half-guard month so I can start work on that area. I think then this escape will provide a clear path to...not getting crushed.

gracefullysony said...

Saulo's running escape is awesome, I recently started doing it and never realized how effective it is.

Megan said...

Maybe I need to drill it more. I may be bringing my hips/back too far off the ground, but the purple belt I tried it on just takes my back each time.

Have you found it to be effective against higher belts?