Monday, February 25, 2013

Men and Menstrual Blood

The men of BJJ amaze me sometimes. I've learned more about the male mind and manly sensibilities than I did in business school. But this? Totally surprised me. A frank discussion about the possibility of them having a female partner bleed on them during her period? Addressing how they'd tell their partner they'd had an accident? I expected ewws and vomiting emoticons galore. But instead, this happened.

Kudos dudes. Kudos to you most. 


SavageKitsune said...

I think *I* was the most grossed-out person in the thread! And I'm a woman.

Jennifer Fremon said...

I agree! Way to be mature guys!

Megan said...


Sarah said...

Hahaha - that thread had me cracking UP. :) Totally surprising for me to see that guys might just... not care. Love the humor there - why would I have expected anything else when talking body fluids with guys?

I've never gotten menstrual blood ON someone (that would take quite a bit of blood to make it through my gi and onto someone else!) - but I've definitely had a few times when I spotted through my gi. It was humiliating... but usually another woman was tactful enough to let me know. And I started wearing several pairs of shorts under my gi once a month. No guy has said anything to me about it - I think they're smart enough to realize its embarrassing, and also that I'm not gonna 'drip' on them or something. Blood happens... just try to minimize it coming in contact with others.

Though I did feel HORRIBLE last week, because I'd forgotten (how? I dunno) that I had a great weeping sore on the back of my ankle - until my partner reached round and put his hand right on it. Etiquette 101 - cover oozing sores, tell your partner. This is the same injury where my instructor went for a sweep, stopped halfway through and said "eww! do you want some tape for that?" - which was pretty funny. Kuddos for being aware. Wasn't sure what to say when he put his hand in it, so just went on rolling. He didn't go for that ankle again, though! ;)