Thursday, January 28, 2010

I gotta start learning terminology

I love it when I walk into the gym and there's music playing. Probably because the style is always a surprise. Tonight was reggae.
We went over triangle again tonight which made me very happy. I get the basic idea, but I'm just starting to remember the finer concepts. I learn by absorbing in stages, top down. Despite long legs, I'm still not locking it properly and always forget to grab my shin when adjusting. I guess I'll learn my lesson once enough people break out of it. I rolled with Wuzzup for the first time tonight (who just got his green belt). Rolling with whites/greens is helpful. I can understand what they're doing. Yes, he still dominated me, but he did things that I've been exposed to. Contrast that with my second roll (blue belt) who was flying all over me. Afterwards, he congratulated me on escaping from the back. I couldn't tell you what I did with him short of a couple of bridges and hip escapes to keep from getting crushed.
I haven't been eating after class, but managed to get some fruit and cheese down tonight. Hopefully it'll keep me from waking up at 2am and hunting for the nearest cow.


A.D. McClish said...

You're not alone! It always takes me several times seeing a move before I can effectively incorporate it into my game.

Jenn S. said...

I just started BJJ and I'm a little lost...I recognize a few things from Japanese jiujitsu, but all the techniques seem to have at least three names each!

P.S. Always nice to find another geek girl into martial arts and sci-fi. :-)

Kharsin said...

Hmmm... I think the terminology varies from school to school. We were discussing this the other night after class and talking about how everything has literally been called by several different names. For instance, one of our instructors has a choke he calls "The $50 Choke" simply because it's the choke he learned from a $50 semi-private with Royce. I would probably call it the "A.P.D. Choke" because it's what he used to consistently choke me after Annoying Post Day (an entire blog unto itself!) I've gotten to where I stop asking about names because it often goes something like this:

I get stuck in a technique. I tap.
Q: What is that one called?
A: I don't know. I just know it isn't supposed to bend that way.

To be fair, you'd probably have to go back to Judo or even to the Fusen Ryu techniques that a lot of the modern BJJ techniques originated from...

Megan said...

Yeah...I'm really giving up. Just going to learn broad concepts. Maybe after a while I can come up with a naming system that works for me. said...

I'm such a slow learner. My face is a dead giveaway when Marcelo demos a move that I don't quite understand. I think my face is kind of expressive because he lets out a little chuckle - nothing mean, I think it's hard to hold back :) He always comes over to give me a little extra help when he breaks the group up. Thank goodness for a patient instructor. Then bringing it into my game takes a long time. I'm struggling with using the omaplata.

My addiction is post workout chocolate milk. One glass is okay, but I can't stop at one.