Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My doctor knows what the full guard is!

So I was sitting at the chiropractor's office today. I'm getting an MRI on my foot instead of das boot. Hopefully it'll be smoother sailing than clomping around in a chunk of plastic.

The visit was great though. This is the second...no...THIRD doctor I've seen about this, so I wasn't expecting too much. I explained how I'd hurt myself and he replied "Yeah...we're going to have to take you off running, but I don't want you to have to stop training completely. If you do spar, work in full guard and escapes only. Nothing from the top." Say what? Did he just give me a BJJ specific prescription? I knew going to a chiro that specialized in sports medicine meant that there would be a deeper understanding of the injury, but it turns out this guy works on a couple of big name MMA fighters when they want to treat their injuries with as much secrecy as possible. This was the exact OPPOSITE of the kiais. I guess that's the benefit of training in an area where MMA is so big.

We talked more about treatment and diagnosis options and something he said totally caught me off guard "I want to interrupt your training as little as possible. I don't like to keep athletes from their activities." Athletes? Me? An athlete? No way.

Afterward, we discussed my chronically crackly knees, which thankfully, are only due to genetically tight quads. Apparently the tight muscle offsets alignment, causing pain. The grinding comes from decreased cartilage (which I knew) and apparently, grappling helps rebuild it. 


Georgette said...

That's super cool! My chiro is a purple belt at my husband's school, so he totally "gets it."

Megan said...

Ooo...that's niiiice. This guy had taken a couple of classes, but said he stopped because he was worried about a bad wrist lock and not being able to work the next day.

Sean said...

Ha that is cool, and would have caught me off guard (although my chiro is a brown belt, but it kind of doesn't count since I met him at the academy)...I've definitely experienced the challenge of describing movements associated with BJJ to a doctor.
If you say "basketball" all is instantly understood. But, strangely, "am I ok to do De la Riva?" usually won't get you as far ;)

A.D. McClish said...

Haha, that is awesome!!