Monday, March 26, 2012

New School Pic! My neck!

I think we have an official grand opening coming up later, but here's a pic from tonight's class...which was very...intense. I'm getting used to the extra tiredness though...and seeing Jeff Monson walking around (the man is just scary looking)...and keeping my feet alive. Hoping to get used to not screwing up positions just because an instructor's looking.
We did some work on passing the knee block in half guard today...pretty timely since KickboxerInstructor just taught me how to use it Friday (where I learned I tend to flare my upper elbow too much when on the bottom). I'm finding myself feeling a bit awkward again with my leg length, but Parrumpa's tip to turn my hips out made a HUGE difference in freeing the leg.

I'm a little concerned about a crack I heard tonight in my neck. No pain, no limits in range of motion, but seeing as it was injured pre-JJ, I'm always a little I'm icing her.

And now...the latest song that makes me want to spar...

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