Monday, July 29, 2013

GiFreak: Sneak Preview

So I've been working on GiFreak for...a year and a half now. It's been a really interesting journey so far...from pipe dreams of upgrading the functionality of this blog (not really an option on blogger) to launching (to help people find gis) and now, a print and digital magazine. The original site will always be my baby, but I'm really excited about the magazine. I love words. I think anyone who writes regularly has to at some level. This magazine has given me the chance to work with other lovers of words in BJJ and I'm excited (and just a teeny bit nervous) about the launch.

Short version, it's a reader supported (no ads), print and digital publication about the BJJ community around the world that's readable even by people who don't train (I've been harassing my non-training friends with copies). It's something you can give to anyone and give them a glimpse into BJJ beyond techniques and competition, but still offers insight, and hopefully inspiration, to experienced players.

The first issue features advice on keeping kids in BJJ, an introduction to Ginastica Natural, interviews with Ryron Gracie and Rafael Lovato, exclusive discount codes from gi manufacturers and more fun stuff!

I'm a fan of trees, so we're kicking things off on a print-on-demand basis, meaning that no publication is created until it has an intended home. It's also printed on 80# text stock, which is acid-free and FSC-certified (which means it's from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources). It's also recyclable. The goal is to continue this method as long as is viable. It makes for a slightly more expensive product, but we think it's worth it.

So yeah...officially, it drops August 1st, but I couldn't wait to share, so anybody who reads this blog, click on the link below and you can download a free copy (it'll be free until August 7th) or order a print copy. I'm itchy for feedback now, since I'm just kicking off the ideas for the second issue. This is a community-based magazine, so any constructive criticism anyone has is more than welcome. Thanks in advance!

GiFreak Fall 2013 Issue
24 pages, published 7/29/2013
We hope you enjoy our inaugural (abbreviated) issue. Visit us at for more inspiring content. Contact us at