Thursday, February 11, 2010

Creating Space

Quinoa, in all its complete protein-ness (8...count em...8 essential amino acids!), is a great after-class meal.

I try to leave each class with a deeper internalization of one major concept. I stayed after class tonight and drilled escapes from the mount and side control. I learned today that I'm not making an effort to create space before escapes and am instead just going for it. I wish there were a class after mine where I could watch live rolling and see what I'm focusing on put to use immediately after I'm looking at it. Guess that's what YouTube's for:)

One of the blue belts told me that I'm using strength instead of technique. I really try not to muscle my way through moves, but apparently I am. I get regular comments on how much stronger I've gotten, but perhaps those are just observations and not compliments that indicate an improvement in my jiu jitsu makeup.

I love my mouthguard! No, it didn't save me from any smile-disfiguring incidents. What it did do though, is allow me to roll more freely. I brought it to class on Monday but didn't use it (I know, not the best idea). I finally put it on tonight and noticed I wasn't as overly cautious as I was without it. Having a shoulder grinding against my upper lip didn't cause panic and it was easier to just pause and take my time getting out of uncomfortable situations.

I'm really starting to notice changes in my overall fitness level. The biggest one is my breathing. I've been plagued with respiratory problems for as long as I can remember...from asthma as a little kidbit to sinus infections to allergies. When I last had my lung capacity measured, it was 40% of a normal adult's. I might have it done again, but I'm noticing I'm taking much deeper, much slower breaths.

On a side note, I needed to share this.

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