Monday, February 8, 2010

More choking...

Three women in class tonight, all three of us white belts. I had one of those nights where you just...lose...over and over again. I rolled with a smaller lady and she tapped me three times in five mintues. Later though I found out she had some wrestling experience, which made me feel a little better...a little. I have a seriously hard time with shorter opponents. Speed is definitely not my thing and I haven't yet learned how to deal with it effectively. I also still don't have the hip flexibility to take full advantage of my limb length. Mantaining pressure and control are the last things on my mind when I'm rolling and I can see where I pay for it.
We went over a collar choke again. I ended up with one of the blue belts that's injured, so he drills and trains with the beginners' class. He doesn't let me stop and is very detailed, which sucks in the moment, but it's a huge help. I was getting the choke last week, but I learned exactly which bones in my wrists I should be using to cut off blood supply. Details:)


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A.D. McClish said...

I definitely know what you mean about having nights where all you do is lose. My coach always tells me something like, "You're not learning unless you're tapping." But it still sucks!! :)