Friday, February 12, 2010

Work/Life Balance

I stepped into BJJ at somewhat of a transitional period in my life.
I'd just finished my time in formal education and being single, moving
is always an option.

Well, I had my annual review at work this week and while I was talking
to my VP, we got on the subject of potential relocation. I've only
been training BJJ for three months, but the idea of moving and leaving
my gym really does make me sad. I think I've found an all around good
bunch of guys (and ladies) and seeing as I rarely enjoy being around
people, the fact that I feel comfortable really surprises me. Things
change, but for the first time since my best friend moved, there's
something in this city I'd miss besides family and my church.

I started some more solo drills tonight. I want to spend a month or so
focusing on bridging. I feel like mine are particularly weak and I
don't have the control I should. I've also decided to make a conscious
effort to fight like a smaller woman while still being mindful of my
unique physical makeup. I want my technique to be clean and being
larger/stronger could get in the way of that if I'm not careful.


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