Thursday, April 15, 2010

I don't know what I'm doing...and I kinda like that...

So we all know that Lord of the Rings is the best movie ever in the history of film no contest arguments or close seconds. That said, this is one of my favorite scenes.

There's something energizing about having to claw your way up through something incredibly difficult. I really, really didn't think I had it in me after grad school, Mandarin and a seemingly endless flow of new projects at work. Getting through that "ignorant period" isn't just difficult, it drains your will overall. But...I started BJJ anyway. I knew I wanted to do it and showed up at American Top Team regardless of the fact that I felt like I had no fight left in me. Strangely, I'm starting to find motivation in the sheer size of the challenge of jiu jitsu, motivation in the fact that I know and can do so little.

Tonight was a small class (just me and another lady...woo!), so it was open forum on questions and techniques. I've been having a hard time getting triangles right (getting actual chokes, not just uncomfortable and annoying squeezes) on people with broader shoulders (which seems pretty silly since I have a 38" inseam) so I wanted to work on those. It's amazing how I've learned the triangle, "forgotten" it, learned it again, "forgotten" it again...but I think that's the process that builds quality. I have to admit, I really do enjoy working on and perfecting basics.

Rolling...I just don't use my upper body enough and I think it's because I know it's weak. My triceps burnout crazy early on almost every roll. I felt them failing on my first roll against a white belt...I like getting paired with her...always a good fight. I lose, but still a good fight:) I think I sustain more injuries rolling with ladies than with the guys. I worry about my weight less with bigger guys though.

Second round was with a blue and while I was in open guard, my instructor kept telling me to repeat pushing his knee through to get myself to half guard, then side control...and I was so reluctant. I just knew I didn't have any push left. I just don't think about manipulating people with my upper body.

I think I'm moving better, bridging better and hip escaping a little better. I believe I'm preventing the cross face a little more frequently and I'm starting to feel totally great after class:)


Georgette said...

Sometimes I'm told you have to learn 80% of a technique in order to be ABLE to learn the last 20% of the technique. Most of the time I feel like I must be shown a technique at least five separate times (on different occasions) before it will sink in. It's part of the process.

Wanna trade legs? :) :)

slideyfoot said...

This is the best film ever. ;)

Unless animation counts, in which case I'd go for this, or maybe this. Yeah, I'm totally not biased towards the early '80s.

Megan said...

I'll give you Conan as the best film of the pre-Jackson era. I LOVED Red Sonja as a little girl. I gotta admit though...I thought I knew all the Rankin/Bass cartoons, but the dragons are new. Time for me to do some digging:)

lol@Georgette...I'll trade you a leg for an arm with a weak wrist and bad grip.

slideyfoot said...

The Flight of Dragons. Awesome, awesome film. Even had a pretty decent plot, for a kids animation, and there was a lone figure in there contrary to the 'helpless damsel' role for women (not as feminist as I would like, of course, but I can always watch Nausicaa for my feminist animation fix).

I used to watch The Flight of Dragons and The Last Unicorn all the time. Still waiting for a swished up DVD release for Unicorn in the UK, though I may just get the Region 1 release at some point.

And yeah, jiu jitsu. Ahem. ;p