Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heeltastic and BJJ don't mix...

Ok, so about a year ago, I bought my first as-seen-on-TV product. I gotta admit, I felt a little seedy doing it. Turns out, there are some pretty effective do-dads advertised on TV at 2am on the Cartoon Network (I love green bags...I hate space bags).

My latest acquisition has been HeelTastic Intensive Heel Therapy. A supposed miracle cure for foot related issues. I have to say, it works. My feet look a lot better. A quick foot disclaimer, mine aren't as gnarly as the ones in the ad. They were actually reasonably cute before dance and bjj.

After posting this online (showing off my purdy new dance shoes), the photo was hijacked and there was even a thread dedicated to them on an Italian message board (apparently men in Italy think you can tell a lot about a woman by her feet...a whole lot). But alas, salsa and BJJ haven't been kind to them. I swear they're changing shape.

Anyway, I put some night before last. A whole night, morning shower, work day and pre-class shower before evening class. I swear I couldn't get a decent grip on the mats to save my life. So yeah...gonna have to rethink this heel therapy deal.


Georgette said...

You're one of the many BJJers who also dance salsa! My husband and I dance and teach, on the side, as well as training BJJ. You should also get to know Pete in DC-- he runs the blog HomeImprovementNinja-- as he's a salsero-jitsuka too.


Megan said...

Lol...funny how people travel in similar "veins". BJJ and salsa seemed completely different at first glance, but I think there are some definite similarities...both in practice and theory...and not just risk of broken toes:)

You're in TX right? Do you know SalsaFix studios?

Kharsin said...

Hmmm... does it help with hip escapes?