Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Aggression Model

I've loved and identified with this song/video since it first came out. It gets my blood pumping. It's direct, purposeful, beautiful, blatantly aggressive and strategically rounded out with softness. This is what I'd like my game to look like one day. With the guitar riffs in the background. And I want the shoes. Not on the mats though.



BJJFamilyMatters.com said...

Need to add this to my Ipod TODAY!

slideyfoot said...

Keep getting them mixed up with Eternal, who I guess in some ways are the British equivalent. Or at least I thought they were, but hearing that song you posted, I think I may have been imagining things (seeing as Eternal did stuff more like this). ;)

A.D. McClish said...

Haha, I remember jamming out to this back in the day! :)

Megan said...

@ Family and A.D.-This song rocks!

@ Slidey-I totally thought this was gospel! A little more proper than EnVogue;)

slideyfoot said...

I love categories, so I thought I'd go see how En Vogue and Eternal compare on Allmusic.com (awesome site if you haven't seen it before: bio, discography etc on pretty much everyone - En Vogue here and Eternal here).

Apparently, En Vogue comes under the genres of R&B and electronic, with styles ranging from urban to club/dance to New Jack Swing. Eternal is exactly the same, except they're missing New Jack Swing.

However, the guy who guests on that Eternal song I posted (this chap) is indeed down as various forms of gospel (no idea what the difference is between Black Gospel, Contemporary Gospel and plain Gospel, but AMG seems to think there is one). He's got a songwriting credit on it, so might be that song was more gospel than they'd usually sound (especially as reading his bio, his whole family were major gospel singers and had a big impact on the genre).

Also, is it just me, or is he huge? Looked massive on the video, but it could be everyone else was small.