Friday, August 3, 2012

Getting my wisdom teeth out rocked!! (and Paleo stuff)

That's a bare-faced lie btw.

I went this morning and overall it was weird, uncomfortable and now I'm just swimming in this weird haze of almost-pain (despite drugs) warning myself not to fall into the modern day way of thinking that every minor discomfort needs to be medicated away. I somewhat blame myself for waiting until 32 to get it done...but honestly, any younger and I likely would have come to with a deep RNC sunk on the surgeon as the nurse looked on in horror.

So yeah...I knew about the soft foods and no straws. Everyone I've mentioned it to has hailed wisdom tooth extraction as an opportunity to eat ice cream and mashed potatoes for a week plus, and for a split second, I rejoiced...but then I thought of the strides I've been making on easing into paleo and realized I had neither an excuse nor the desire to wipe that all away with a week's work. instead, I'm living off mock chive mashed potatoes, pureed broccoli/spinach, cilantro soup with crab, mashed yams, scrambled eggs, protein shakes, sweet potato curry soup, and water. Not saying some chocolate pudding won't sneak its way in there, but it will be the exception, not the rule.

Still...sitting here, trying to get down a plate of scrambled eggs (It's been an hour. I tire of trying to simultaneously get enough nourishment to heal well and prevent dry socket in 4 different wounds), I'm coming to think this will make it easier to take my next step in taking on up processed sweetness. My issue with food isn't so much one of emotion, I simply find taste fascinating. Taking on paleo has as much been an exercise in tempering my taste buds to appreciate a different spectrum of flavors as one in self control.

So yes, conquering my greatest dental fear may well prove to be instrumental in tackling my most glaring dietary weakness. 


Felicia said...

Hope your mouth heals right quick :-)

How ironic that this blog post showed up in my feed just after yours:

Fi said...

Oh crazy coincidence! I'm a Paleo-er too (not too strict - I actually want to have a life, plus I like cheese and stuff ;) Been cooking with coconut and almond flour recently. Actually I reckon those pancakes could work for you (I remember having my wisdom teeth out - eek). I actually made them again today they were so good, but had them with banana and a homemade chocolate protein shake -

I reckon you could also try stuff like mashed cauliflower. I've never made it but it always gets mentioned as a good low-carb sub for mashed potato.

Anyhow, I hope you heal quickly! :)

Megan said...

Hi Fi! Thanks!

Mashed cauliflower is my life right now. It makes a good pizza crust too though. Thanks for the inspiration to get back into the coconut and almond flour...been neglecting them lately.