Sunday, August 12, 2012

Old School Wisdom on Sugar

I've done a week with basically no activity thanks to the removal of my wisdom teeth. I've been eating around 5-800 calories a mantra has been "Eating enough to stay alive and sleeping enough to stay sane." Nothing more. If I didn't have to take food with drugs I'd have stopped eating altogether. Chewing just wasn't worth it.

So yesterday I was able to chew a bit more, so I was able to eat a bit more, so I decided I could do a bit more. Crunches. I wanted crunches. I did 50. Around 25 I started thinking about the first time I decided to try, on my own, to improve my physical self. I was 16 and decided that I should be able to do more crunches. I remember making it to 5 before my back started to burn terribly. I figured I was broken. I made it to 50 and my 16 year old self smiled somewhere inside me. My 32 year old self needed a nap.

I was able to squash a doughnut and get that down today, which means..if I'm able to chew that, it's time to start getting back on Paleo. I ran across this today. Jack Lalanne teaching the evils of sugar...over 50 years ago. Pretty sad that his message didn't stick.

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