Saturday, August 18, 2012

What head holes and a busted wrist have taught me.

So last night was my first night back in about...3 weeks. I've been down from a tweaked wrist and 2 weeks recovering from wisdom tooth surgery (impacted molars are evil).

Number 1 lesson? My defenses are WAY too late. I found myself tapping to moderate pressure to my jaw after a triangle set up and unable to use my usual arm bar defenses because apparently, I put a lot of pressure on my wrist when trying to reestablish posture.  But that made me realize that I'm not fighting hard enough to keep my arms from getting isolated. It's worse from open guard...I still freeze. I was glad to get to test out the open guard of a newer blue...I've gotten used to JazzHands', and while I still can't pass it regularly, I've gotten used to his build and managing his movements and the use of his longer body. This guy was shorter, more compact, lighter, faster and more explosive.

I was INSANELY tired afterward. I got up thinking that MAYBE I'd make it to ginastica this morning but I was sick and lightheaded for hours after I woke up. My body still seems a bit beaten after 2 weeks of antibiotics and Vicodin. Training made me dizzy and light headed, but I'm back on squats, pushups (modified) and situps.

I HAVE to stop stopping after I pin a leg and start going straight for an underhook on the opposite side. It'll be something to drill when LadyBug comes back in a couple of weeks. Woo!!

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