Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Women as Commodity

I was all prepared to come home and express my misgivings about the meme below, but then I ran across this post from Georgette. It outlines yet another tale of rape by a BJJ teammate. This time unreported. It also points out how common rape is and, more importantly, raises a key question in this issue. Do women who train trust too soon? Are we conflating time spent together with trust built?

But the meme...yeah...I guess it's good and all, but it assumes that people who rape see rape as something that needs to be stopped. Make this list about eating meat (which I don't see as morally wrong...well, at least not this month) and it would roll right off my back.

I believe that there are many, many men whose primary issue doesn't start at the realm of the sexual and therefore, I don't believe the solution lies there either. There are men who see women as existing for no reason other than consumption--visually, emotionally, financially and, yes, physically. Rape is just one tiny piece of a very big issue.


Georgette said...

Give me more, Megan. I'm not getting it. I think the meme is fully sarcastic in its approach. What am I missing?

Megan said...

I totally agree that the meme is 100% sarcastic...the essence of sarcasm though, is that something is so ridiculous that no one would possibly think they could be taken seriously. That's where it raised an eyebrow for me, because there seem to be a lot of men who find the ridiculous/extreme to be perfectly normal/logical.

If I'm not making sense, I blame training brain.