Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rocket Fuel...DAAAMN!

Sorry for the lightly-salted language, but I couldn't resist a News Radio reference (see video below).

So I'm once again making an effort to up my training frequency. While sheer fear used to be my biggest setback, now, it's my job. Unfortunately, contrary to what every internet forum, blog and my cardiologist said, I still take forever to come down after class. That wasn't too bad when class ended at 7:30, but now that I'm in the advanced class and not leaving the gym until around 9, I'm blowing past my 10:30 recommended bedtime on the regular. No big deal on a weekend night...I prefer staying up until around 2 anyway, but on a weekday? If I'm snuggling in to watch an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I'm going to be wreck at work the next day...and sleep is very important for a person who doesn't drink coffee and works a desk job in a very, very quiet office.

Brought to you by Rocket Labs

Enter Rocket Fuel. I've never been a workout supplement person...pre or post...but at the behest of Brownbelt Instructor (who knows many things about such things), I gave it a shot. My first encounter was with half a serving after a night class and magically, I went home feeling like a normal human being and was asleep by 11. The big test though, was ginastica natural. When I first tried it, ginastica was leaving me sluggish and drained for hours after the class. The most I could muster was dragging myself mindlessly through the green market and then crashing at home with bad sci-fi and a pile of laundry for folding. Now, I no longer have to choose between becoming more agile and not wasting half my weekend on bad CGI.

So what's in it? It's got all kinds of great things like creatine and beta-alanine and acting carbs and protein for muscle building and such...all I know is it gets me to sleep and I don't wake up at 2am drilling spider guard on my sheets. The taste took me a bit to get used to...lemon-lime with faint undertones of chocolate (I'm thinking most people won't notice that though), but on the very bright side, it kills my post-gym lemonade cravings.

Perhaps I'm a bit biased (the colors to match GiFreak afterall) but I honestly recommend it to anyone new to the exercise game who has a hard time regulating their bodies after a workout. (They're running a 25% off special right now, and if you buy any combination of 2 of the supplement products, you get a free shirt so it's a great time to give it at try.)

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