Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeling like I'm making progress...

This sport is really something. One second I feel like I'm progressing, the next, like I  shouldn't even be setting foot in the gym, so I have to focus on progress in any form it comes. Tonight...mark it...was the first night I came home and felt completely normal. Not like I'd been thrown into a washing machine or kicked down the street by a soccer team, but just normal. Bruised a bit, but I'm not exhausted. I could go for a few more rounds (after a break). Admittedly, I still got lightheaded after class, but I made it off the mats.
Weird situation tonight. I got an arm pinned under me (not mine) and wasn't sure what to do with I kept it pinned. I can't say it did anything. Maybe there was a way for me to take advantage of the situation, but I couldn't see what it would have been.
Next class that's what I'm focusing on. Replacing the guard. Nothing else. I rolled with a blue belt and it seemed to just happen, or rather I at least knew to try. Next was with a purple and I totally stopped even considering it as a possibility. He called me out on it. So...Wednesday...replace.


Rome Za said...

FYI... dont judge by belts, they are just pieces of material. Always see yourself winning the roll and finishing your move. Otherwise if you even consider doing bad it will happen.

Kharsin said...

Pinned arms to me either look like 1 or 2 things:

1. Look for a collar choke on the pinned side

2. Look for a transition to a better position (position before submission and all that)

Anytime you can pin an arm, that's one less arm they can use to defend a choke with... night night!