Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FINALLY pulled off a triangle submission...

...it was an interesting experience. I felt little jiujitu paths being created in my brain. Snuggly. Some of the details (like hip movement) that had continued to elude me just made sense once I genuinely understood what kind of pain I was trying to cause. This "need to understand" has plagued me in the learning process all my life, but it has its benefits. In return for my triangle though, I got about three americanas. Not a nice tradeoff.

Once again, the smaller people give me issues. We went over the escape from half guard again, and while the blue belt I drilled with last time was a pretty big guy, this time, I drilled with one of the smaller ladies, and it felt COMPLETELY different. After Stephanie's rib injury and Allie's post on being crushed by larger opponents, I was a little worried while drilling that I'd cause damage. Maintaining pressure on a 200lb male is completely different than keeping it on a 100lb female.

Starting week 2 of the 100 pushup plan and it's going well. Also, I've made peace with longer warmups. They're longer, harder, and that's just what they are.


A.D. McClish said...

Hey, two things. One: Congrats on the triangle!! It feels good when you finally get something that you've been working so hard on. Go you! Two: If you're paying attention to where your weight is and how you're using it, I think you are already a step ahead of he game. Not only will it help you not to hurt smaller grapplers, but you will also better understand how to use your weight to control your opponent and maintain positions, or get sweeps or whatever it is you're tying to do. All that to say, it sounds like you're doing awesome. Keep working hard!

Marketta Parker said...

Yea!!!!!!!! Buen Hecho Megan :)