Monday, March 8, 2010

Goodie MoB is my new theme music.

We found out tonight that one of the instructors at American Top Team has a staph infection in his lungs. He was fighting for his life a few days ago, but has improved. He doesn't have any insurance and there's a seminar this weekend to raise money for him. This is about the third time I've heard of something like this since I started training and since fighting the evil forces of the Dark Side (health insurance companies) is what I do for a living, it's really starting to bother me on a deep level. Sure, everybody's at risk of getting hurt, but if you get hurt and aren't insured, it's a whole different ball game. I've never really thought about it, but I can't imagine what insurance premiums are for professional fighters. They're bad enough for people sitting at a desk all day.

On a lighter note, class was great tonight! I gotta be honest though, getting ready, I felt that same, deep fear that I did the first few classes, and I know it's purely from the warmups. They've been more intense lately and that messes with my mind. I was talking to one of the pro fighters before class and she said something that I really have to keep in mind. That at the very least, it's a good workout. Even if I feel like I can't pull off even basic moves and that I'm getting beaten at every turn, at the very least, it's a good workout, and that's something I need regardless and is a great reason to show up.

But yeah...on the drive there, I was so freaked I had to try some new music. I love Queen like there's no tomorrow, but somehow Freddie's voice just doesn't put me in the right frame of mind. I tried Chili Peppers, anime tracks and Bone Thugs, but nothing helped. Tonight, I dug out some old Goodie MoB tracks (ah memories) and it instantly calmed me down. There's something about Southern rap...the seething intensity contrasted against the the laid back attitude...that really focuses me.

I'm still having a rough time adjusting triangles. I just never feel confident against a resisting opponent, but they are getting better. I also finally got a peek at the concept of controlling one side of your opponent. We reviewed the same standing escape from full guard. It's still hard, but it's feeling more natural, I maintained my balance a little better and my knees feel totally fine. I just have to keep my weight centered over the middle of my feet and to put solid force behind the upward movement. Fluidity is so important.

Bad habit of the night...sitting back too far. I also ran into a situation where I needed to bridge while I had someone in half guard. Hard.

Oh! Speaking of joint issues, switching to MSM in the morning has me back to not remembering my dreams. I'm finally feeling rested again:)


A.D. McClish said...

I feel that same fear whenever I know we are going to be working take downs. I'm just not good at them. But, even though I know I look stupid, I'm a little bit ok with that because I know it takes time to develop these techniques, It also takes time to build up cardio and muscle strength. You'll get there! Already you're doing more than most people do!

Marketta Parker said...

Hola Megan,

Could you post the name of your instructor who´s ill? You could just post the first name if you don't want to post the full name, I like to know the name of the people that I pray for.

Gracias, and keep rollin' :)

Megan said...

Here's his full name. He's not actually my instructor, but trains at another location.

Nicolae Cury

Kharsin said...

Hey, don't feel too bad! With my stumpy legs, I'm luck if I can triangle choke a chihuahua! We went over several gi chokes tonight, and I ended up rolling with a bull of a new guy. I suppose each round was 30min. I got him once, and he finally caught me in an armbar the second go round. Go fig! :P