Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ukemi Success

I forgot to mention that I did my forward ukemi from standing last night and it went quite well. No hurt shoulder! I even got less head contact with my backward ones.

I woke up this morning with a revelation about my standing guard escape. I did it twice while rolling with with Mr. Rebar-for-Ligaments, and the first time, he caught my right arm and wouldn't let go, so I couldn't pass his guard. The second time he didn't and I was able to pass. I thought he did it just to keep me from passing, but I realized that he did it because I made a mistake and didn't bring his right arm far enough across his left. Love it.


Anonymous said...


I just started jiu jitsu about 2 months ago. I'm a stay at home 42 yr. old mom. I'm also about 100 pounds overweight. I too am afraid of ukemi rolls. I have to do them from kneeling. Still afraid to try it from standing. And I can't do backwards rolls at all yet. You go girl!!!

Megan said...

They seriously have been the most frustrating thing for me so far, but they got easier with time, watching videos of other people doing it and talking to a few friends. Thanks for reading and keep up the training!