Friday, May 21, 2010

Learning Styles

I'm crossing into a new area of my jiu jitsu journey. I remember my first three weeks when my biggest worry was a forward ukemi...and it was a BIG worry. It was the closest I've come to tears so far. Well, I was drilling a triangle from spider guard last night and I realized how tired I wasn't. No burning in my hips or feelings of exhaustion. I felt like I'd been working, but nothing that wasn't manageable. Before, I focused on just surviving the class, so picking up a technique was a huge bonus. Now, the only reason I have issues learning a technique is lack of focus...and it's got me wondering about my learning style.
For less physical activities, I'm a blend of listening and reading...absorbing and doing. Physically, I'm really not sure. I need to see a technique at full speed, and while breaking it down into small pieces is helpful, I find that a certain level, it throws me off. I do better seeing a move, trying to replicate it, then having mistakes pointed out and corrected as I go.
I went to the all levels class tonight...and again was nervous seeing Master Da Matta.  It's all in my head, since the class is always great and I do fine, but I'm still trying to find my comfort zone. I sat through a portion of the kids' class that was absolutely adorable before hand. They were playing dodgeball with using two tennis balls and a soccer ball. If you got hit...pushups.  They had a blast and it helped calm my nerves.
I learned a good drill for passing butterfly guard (I know three now...yay!). We thankfully went over some subsmissions from spider guard that were giving me grief last night. I'm finally able to shoot into a triangle without adjusting.
Details...I have a hard time absorbing them without immediate correction (i.e. someone sweeping me). I think it ties in to my lack of talent for rote memorization. I need to get the big concept and work my way down by making mistakes and paying for them. Errors are my friend.


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