Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get ready folks. We've got a giggler.

Now, I'm not one to go for compliments, but having a higher belt tell me I'm doing better can make me blush like it was Johnny Depp telling me I was pretty. Today I found out from my new favorite broken blue belt (they hang around the beginners' class and have been great learning experiences). He's been really great about letting me start on the bottom every single restart and roll. After our round today, he told me I've gotten a lot more aggressive about getting out of the position, and honestly, it's paid off. I've been making gains...still haven't gotten him into my full guard yet (and I always forget about half), but I'm getting a bit closer each time. He's starting to throw in some twists to keep me out, so I'm seeing that as a sign of improvement. I'm finally getting some of my "oomph" back...even threw in a couple extra reps for good measure. I actually enjoy the passing drills now:)

But yeah. We were working an omoplata sweep today and I was drilling with a good sized white belt who's been there a couple months. I was rolling him over and I heard a "tee hee hee" come from my knees. The giggling issue has come up before. A while back after class, I heard one of the other ladies ask one of the guys (quite loudly) "Man...why do you giggle everytime we spar??" His response? "'re just so cuddly!". I gotta admit, it was kinda funny. I was bracing myself for something similar, but when I asked "What's with all the giggling, dude?". His response? "Because I'm getting tossed around like a rag doll!". He then commented on how quickly I got him into an omoplata. The idea of someone thinking I do this even remotely well is just...funny...and unexpected...and nice:)


AbbyBJJ said...

That's a little disturbing. I'm so glad the guys i roll with don't giggle... otherwise i would have to choke them out ;)

Kharsin said...

Well, I've been reading BJ Penn's book, and at one point he confesses that Randy Couture actually tickled him during a grappling session because BJ was frustrating his so badly... There you have it! Giggling at all levels! LOL! (oops, there I go...)

Megan said...

lol@Abby If he weren't new, I might be a little disturbed. I'm chalking it up to awkwardness, especially over being tossed around by a woman, for now. Thankfully it was just during drilling.

@Bobby...tickling man...that's uh...yeah.

A.D. McClish said...

Haha, that's funny. Apparently I "squeak" sometimes when I feel like I'm about to be in danger. It is involuntary. lol. At first, it startled my training partners. Now they just laugh and continue to destroy me. ;)