Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stupid neck strain.

There are so many elemental things you simply aren't aware of if you're not an athlete. Naturally inactive people...we just have a different relationship with our bodies. No...not different. Inferior. Even those of us that aren't terrible eaters, we just don't explore what our bodies are capable of. I sometimes feel like I'm playing catch up with the other ladies in class that were natural tomboys or played sports. I'm far from girly, but I'm much more nerd than jock.

I've been saying it since day 1, but moving your body is a big deal, period. It takes strength, power, awareness and coordination. For a person my size, it's an even bigger deal. Getting myself down the ground and back up is no small feat. When I danced salsa, I used to wonder why I couldn't do lunges and drops as quickly as other dancers. BJJ has made me realize how much strength and power it takes to move 200lbs through space.

I've gotten MUCH much better at a lot of different movements (thank you shrimping), especially when it comes to hip movement and I've just gotten comfortable getting off my back and to all fours with any measure of speed. Now, I want to work on the power of getting my hips up. So, I'm adding this exercise to my morning and evening routines.

Should give me a nice, powerful kimura sweep.

My killing me. I injured it after spinning a few too many times after a 15hr flight and no stretching, got acupuncture, life was grand. Well, Monday, a purple belt was trying out some x-guard stuff on me and swept me. I'm not sure if it went right or wrong, but I planted on my face. It was funny at the time, but 48hrs later, I was brushing my teeth, came up from the bowl and felt a weird tightness on the side of my neck. a minute later it was stiff exactly where I'd hurt it dancing. Two minutes later and I couldn't turn my head to the left at all.

I downed a couple of advil, carefully arranged my pillows and called it a night. I woke up the next morning to a sharp pain after trying to roll over and check how much time I had left to flounder in bed. I immediately picked up my phone and started googling neck injuries. Apparently, my little muscle strain just required some massaging and heat...which HAS been helping, but I skipped class last night and may miss tomorrow (kinda paranoid about neck stuff since I don't have a full ROM yet). Definitely have to make it to my private Saturday though.

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