Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FlowFit Win!!

So I started doing Scott Sonnon's FlowFit...a couple weeks after I started training. It's touted as a great way to learn movement, increase your strength, improve your cardio, regrow hair, win friends and influence people. A year and a half in and I love it even more. It's quick, effective, requires no equipment and can be done in a relatively small space.

This is the follow-up video. Apparently a derivation of Russian Systema and very similar to Ginastica...SO not there yet, but one day...one day...

It's basically a string of seven movements that you do in a repetitive sequence for 14 minutes each session. They're designed to improve your movement in six different "degrees of freedom". Each of the seven movements come in four different skill levels, so you can adjust the difficulty as you go. I started at level 1, which involves the use of a stool. Well, I got to level two of most of the movements in a few weeks. Two of them though...squats and tripod...my bad knees kept me from doing them without nasty pain the next day. Well today, after months of stretching to deepen my squat and get my heels to the ground, I reincorporated tripod. It's still messy, but it's there and I'm proud. 

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