Friday, April 29, 2011

I did this today and I'm proud...and I feel like a jerk.

Being one of those rare jiujitsukas that has no athletic experience at ALL, every now and then, we do something and my reaction is WOW! I did it!

Tonight was nice and chill. I showed up and it was me, NiceVoiceInstructor, four blues and one of the kids. Long story short, we did this...

I was so happy when I finished. Before we started, NiceVoiceInstructor told me it was a flashy, but not-too-difficult move he was going to teach. I don't know if it's because it was his class that I first took, but I always get scared when he says things about class. Somehow I heard "I'm going to do that to you today" and my nerves went all a-flutter. He's never hurt me, never had a bad experience and my nervousness is a thing of the past...I guess I just associate him with the scariness of starting BJJ.

Anyway, I ended up drilling with a blue that sounded EXACTLY like one of my cousins from New York and it went off without a hitch. Nice finish to judo month. I'm quite proud.

What I'm NOT proud of is yelping for joy when I thought I managed to make my way out of a judo throw one of the blue belts tried on me, only to find out a few seconds later that his groan wasn't one of failure, but instead one of pain because he'd actually strained his hamstring part way through. Oops.

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